Brent doesn't like me much.

Do you believe in the Easter Bunny?

He explained why the experiment failed.

We're not terminating you.

The theater used to open up early.

He repeated in public what I had said.

There's a rumor abroad that she has got a new job.

I need space.

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I didn't have any problems.


It's clear that you didn't speak with Rich.

Robert's tough.

I definitely did a lot better today.


The object flew away to the south, giving out flashes of light.

She bought two pounds of butter.

I can't believe Lana was able to do this all by himself.


We had to come back soon because school was about to start.

There's a party going on in the next room.

If you whip the steering wheel around like that on a snowy road, the car is going to go into a slide.

I can't find the page I was looking for.

I'm enjoying the challenge.


Why don't you take a break now?

Do you have a desire to change jobs?

Does that seem practical to you?


Love is my true identity. Selflessness is my true self. Love is my true character. Love is my name.

Why are you crying?

We're puzzled.

We're persevering.

I have visited Paris once.

School starts April 8th.

They headed downstairs.


My desk is made of wood.


Christina looked really embarrassed.


Come with us to the Bohemian forests!

Most men think like that.

There's a fly in the noodle broth.

Would you like to go inside and look?

He growled out orders to his subordinates.

Janos accepted the job they offered him.

We should obey the rules.

Beverly looks terrifying.

Just because he's wise doesn't mean that he's honest.

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Father ran through the paper.


I'm not feeling too well.

Let it be done by six this evening.

Did I tell you I now teach at the high school near your house?

I'm not looking forward to that.

Marion has gotten his confidence back.

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Tomiko guessed my weight.


He was sent abroad as a correspondent.

I only did my duty.

You should study harder.

Pilot refused medical attention.

He has what to be respected for.


Now isn't the time to start worrying.

Was Lievaart the one who gave you this squirt gun?

We count everything.

I have three younger sisters.

You're the only one who's seen Sangho.

I don't want to go back to prison.

I want to drink.

Do a better job next time.

Felix is elusive.

This bad weather is more than I bargained for.

That is a well-managed company.

What did you have in mind?

Vadim is starting to lose it.


Does he know me?

I bet Tony was real happy.

This is the first time I've bought a newspaper in this city.

Get the fuck out of here.

I think that's understandable.

That's up to Vijay.

Straka suffered severe head injuries in a fall from his bike.


This is true of adults as well as of children.

Everything isn't always simple in life.

All you have to do is sign this paper.

Tanya was sad when his country's team was eliminated from the tournament.

That book is worth reading.

Have you ever kissed another guy?

Can long distance relationships work?

I'm out of shape.

He scraped his knee in a fall.

Kyoko went away, humming a song.

Vidhyanath became a father.

Knudsen isn't good at playing charades.

I don't want to sue them.

Why do you want such an old car?

I hadn't had any water since the day before and I needed to find more.


I will not lie to her.

Dory reads novels whenever he has time.

Alison said that was a bad idea.


The ships left the port never to be seen again.

I just want it the way it was.

I have a friend to correspond with now and then.

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Shamim is no more hardworking than Bill is.

You and I'll be on the same flight.

I don't know why that should surprise me.

My sister-in-law invited me to lunch in their new house.

The older he got, the more famous he became.

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Susan may not come, but Betty certainly will.

What caused the explosion?

I think you can do it.

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I can't see you.

Play the role of Hamlet.

This taxi only sits five people.

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I knew you were sick.

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When does the restaurant close?

I spend time with Susumu because he's interested in learning.

The prisoners fought one another like so many mad people.

Sigurd really improved this week.

As the artist grows older his paintings may alter.

You've never forgotten to send your mother a birthday present.

I'm ashamed of what I have to say, miss, said Leuwen, but my duty as a gentleman forces me to speak.

In which language did you speak with Marika before you learnt Finnish?

Mason made one more request.

Do you really want to go to Germany?

You're not looking at the big picture.

I'm not a good person.

Obviously he isn't dependable!

It's not that I don't like to have fun, it's just that I don't have time for that.

I still enjoy playing tennis from time to time.

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I live in this place.


Install the apparatus in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

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Margaret told Pravin that she should study harder.

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They just looked.


The president proposed a new plan.

Myron could hardly contain his excitement.

He got his sleeve caught.

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I assumed that was why you called me.

That's the least of your problems.

Children haven't learned how to self-censor, and are likely to say very inappropriate things at very inappropriate times.

What part of Australia are you from?

Jim was caught cheating in the examination.

You're going to be late if you don't hurry up.

The forest was silent then.


Fortunately, no one was hurt.


Are you questioning my loyalty?

I heartily wish that in my youth I had someone.

Cathrin wanted to go to Boston.

It's nice to be needed.

Fred bent down and picked up the money he saw on the ground.

All of you are familiar with the truth of the story.

Ladies also play with the ball.


Nobody has solved the problem.

You had better hurry.

He never goes to school on the bus.

I've been in Australia several years.

There is no need for him to work.


Martyn made a pilgrimage.

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He's happy.

She said that she's turning 16 next month.

I think you're causing problems.

That's accurate.

This is going to come in very handy.

Do you like historical novels?

It's true that he is in love with her.

She said that the mere sight of him made her sick.

No, vegetarians don't eat chicken or fish.

You owe me something.

I lost the watch Father had given me.

Stevan accidentally locked himself out of his office.

Concentrate, Tad.

We need to help Teruyuki as much as we can.

I called my neighbors over for dinner.


I talked with them.